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Alison J.

Beth is the answer I've been looking for!! As I was creeping closer and closer to menopause, my weight just kept piling on. I felt uncomfortable, unmotivated and I hated how I was starting to look. Beth changed all that for me. The food on the plan is delicious, and there is variety enough that it doesn't get boring. It's often a struggle to eat all that is required! I feel that the accountability factor really made a difference, and while there were occasions where I slipped off track, Beth was always supportive and encouraging, making sure I didn't feel worse than the scale made me feel. Beth knows her stuff. This plan WORKS!!'s not that hard!! I feel like this was more of a lifestyle change than diet plan. The process is just as important as the end result. I can't recommend this program enough to all of the people who have noticed the change in me physically and emotionally! Trust in Beth....she'll get you where you need to be!
Would recommend. Yes.

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I have struggled with being obese my entire life. No matter what I did the weight would just pile back on. At the age of 48 I decided to take control of my life and my body. I made great gains but was unable to get the last 40 pounds off. Beth changed the game for me. I have lost the last 42 pounds and have never felt better or had more energy than I do now. Beth was there every step of the way. She made sure I was feeling good and eating well. I did not feel alone on my journey, Beth was a text away. I am so thankful that she crossed my path and was able to assist me successfully. I highly recommend Beth and her plan if you are struggling with your goals. I have completely changed my life and could not be more thankful. My only regret is that I did not find her sooner! ~D. W.

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Beth has been a HUGE blessing and life saver in my weight loss journey! After doing one of those popular fad diets for a few months my weight wasn’t coming off and I was having a hard time with my energy being sluggish during my workouts. Beth helped me change my eating habits and just that little change boosted my energy and workouts to a whole new level! This is just the end of week one and I cannot wait to see what my results are going to be like at the end of four weeks! Beth truly gives 100% of herself to help you with your success. She is kind, but firm and will push you to achieve your goals. ~S.C.

‼️IMPORTANT‼️ Beth 100% knows exactly what she is doing! I am on month two with Beth and we are having AMAZING, MIND BLOWING results! Receiving compliments like “your clothes are too big for you”, “your butt is smaller”, “look how skinny you're getting” encouraged me to try some smaller clothes. I was in a 22/24 pants and now I am in a 16! So what’s holding you back? Do the best thing for yourself and contact Beth today! ~S.C.

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Happy Clients

Beth is a miracle worker!! Her workouts and meal plans are so simple and very easy to stick to - she really knows what works! I have been the same weight for years and struggled finding a solution that worked for me. After 2 weeks with Beth, I am down 9 pounds and feeling so confident!! ~Maggie

Stronger with improved balance. Great results! ~ G

Keeping me accountable was exactly what I needed. The daily "check-ins" keep me committed to my goal. I do my workouts at home where I don't feel like anyone is watching me. I love this! ~T.G.

Wow was this a good decision. I have probably tried every diet pill imaginable in the past and can not believe that something finally worked. I was so frustrated with failing. I'm going on 4 weeks and can't tell you how great I feel. I have lost fat, I see hints of what I think are muscles and I know I am eating much better. I know people tell you do take care of yourself first but I never did. I'm not sure you will find someone that actually cares about helping you improve your health as much as Beth. I couldn't be happier. ~Kelly

Lately, I had been struggling with extreme loss of energy and the need to gain healthy weight, which to me, seemed like a huge problem. However, with some simple changes to my diet and daily routine recommended by Beth, after day 2, I already feel more energized at just the start of my day! Cannot thank her enough!! ~ Allison

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I lost 14 pounds in the first week just by switching my drinks to water! I'm so excited about my results and have been able to maintain for over 4 years!

Renee E.

This time I did it! I guess I just needed to be held accountable so I could reach my weight loss goal. So grateful!


I can't believe I am able to eat foods I actually like and lose weight. I feel better than I have in a long time because my joints don't hurt as much. I guess I could do it all along. Thanks Beth!  


Exciting Results!

Andrea T.

After having a baby I was feeling like my health and weight were spiraling out of control. I have always been the type who knows what they need to do as far as diet and exercise but always finds a reason not to do so. I was to a point where I couldn’t look in the mirror anymore and got physically ill getting dressed everyday and getting onto a scale was crippling. Beth talked with me and reassured me I could make this work into my every day life and I could start feeling better inside and out. She passed no judgement about my concerns and was very understanding and tailored my diet and exercise plan according to my health and needs. She cheers you on everyday and is very encouraging and genuinely wants you to succeed. She answers all your questions and offers great guidance. The diet is easy and reasonable and I enjoy it so much. You get to eat good food and plenty of it and I’m often very full and have changed my mindset to looking at food as fuel with her help. The workout is also individualized based on what is best for your body and health and easy to do. I am one week in and I’m down 7lbs and counting. I really feel like my body is thanking me. I wake up feeling good for a change and motivated to take care of myself. I have less joint pain and sleep easier. I use the reds, greens, and whey protein supplements as well as the Stronger joints. Since starting them I am less bloated and have better digestive health. I live with a rare painful inflammatory joint disease and the change in diet and the joint supplements have helped my pain tremendously. I am a believer. Beth is the answer and I can’t wait to see my outcome after the next 5 weeks.

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Amazing Achievements

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One of the best decisions. I realized I would not make any progress with my weight loss journey without the proper nutrition. My coach is passionate about health and fitness, so this made it easy to work with her. She always encouraged me and was there any time I needed help. My results were amazing, and I would recommend her to anybody!

Gabriella R.

Such a game changer for me! I never was good at sticking to a workout routine or meal prep because I found them boring. I always thought I had a good idea on how to work out since I played sports my whole life, even through college. I was wrong, I didn't start seeing true results until I followed the plan. Even if you aren't familiar with working out, her plan was very easy to follow. She was always there to answer any questions I had and explained everything. It was amazing to start seeing changes not only on my appearance but in my health also. She made bouncing back after my first baby a breeze and I'm looking forward to starting again after my second baby. Not only is she a great coach but she is a beautiful person inside and out! Thanks so much!

Megan S.

I wanted to slim down before my vacation to Mexico. I was already on a diet but seemed to be hitting a plateau with results. She made up a diet just for me. I saw the results almost instantly and was very happy with how I looked for vacation. I still continue to use her diet as a platform for my diet plan today.

Tyler R.

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