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I believe we can all live a stronger and healthier lifestyle. I provide services to support these goals. I would love to help you with your health and weight loss, and I invite you to get started today. 

Elizabeth Donathan


About me

Recognized as a top health professional, nurse practitioner, certified personal trainer, and former NPC competitor, I have helped my clients improve their health and get in shape for over 20 years. Health and overall wellness are my priority. This is supported by an academic background that includes Doctor of Nursing Practice, Master of Science in Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Public Health and in Nursing. 

I believe a strong and fit body begins with living a healthy lifestyle. This is my passion. My love for health and fitness started when I was very young, and I want to share it with you. I understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle & staying motivated can be incredibly challenging. I believe if you want to change your body and improve your health, you can. I am dedicated to your success and have created a supplement brand to help you achieve results that you may think are impossible. I understand what it's like to gain and lose weight successfully, and I will help you succeed. 


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