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The effect of daily walking exercise on sleep quality in healthy young adults

Wang, F., Boros, S. The effect of daily walking exercise on sleep quality in healthy young adults. Sport Sci Health (2020).

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Purpose Walking has beneficial effects on sleep quality in elderly population and patients in clinical settings. However, less is known whether walking improves sleep quality among healthy young adults. This study examined the effectiveness of a 12-week walking intervention on sleep quality among sedentary young adults. Methods Fifty-four healthy adults aged 19 to 36-years old participated a pedometer based aerobic walking intervention, a cross-over randomized control trial. Participants were assigned into two groups (group A and group B) randomly. The 12-week intervention was divided into three sessions equally. Sleep quality was assessed by Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) before and after session 1 and session 3. Omron HJ-112 pedometer and daily walking diary facilitated the intervention process. Within group and between group comparisons were made for statistical analysis. Results Within group comparison by repeated measures showed that sleep duration (p < 0.01, F-test 22.79), sleep medication (p < 0.05, F-test 5.22), subjective sleep (p < 0.05, F-test 5.51) and global sleep quality (p < 0.01, F-test 12.19) were significantly improved. The comparison between intervention group and control group showed that sleep disturbance was significantly improved (p < 0.05). Conclusion Daily walking exercise has a significant effect on facilitating sleep quality and sleep components among young adults. Further studies are suggested to examine the impact of walking intensity on sleep quality.

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